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The Clarkson Historical Society is an all-volunteer organization chartered by the New York State Education Department Board of regents with a filing status as a 501c-3, Tax exempt, non-profit organization.

​The society is dedicated to the investigation, preservation, interpretation and sharing of Clarkson's history today and for future generations.

Clarkson Historical Society Trustees


Anita O’Brien, President (8/2021)

Heather Camman, Vice President (8/2021)

Pat Galinski, Secretary (1/2020)

Jill Paladino, Treasurer (5/2022)

Jill Akyuz (6/2023)

Paul Kimball (6/2023)

Donna Pogroszewski (8/2021)

Active CHS members attending Board meetings, writing the newsletter, and planning events include:

Leanna Hale, Town of Clarkson Historian

Bonnie Howlett, Collections Management and Office Manager

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