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The Clarkson Academy/Schoolhouse

Clarkson Academy was built in 1853, the first floor was used to teach first through third grades and the second floor was utilized for fourth through sixth grades. "The schoolhouse was used to educate Clarkson children for approximately 100 years. It was last used as a schoolhouse in 1956.


Clarkson Academy/Schoolhouse

Why is this building important?

1. It is a rare, pre-Civil War style in a Greek Revival, two-story, two-room Schoolhouse. (Most rural schoolhouses were one room schoolhouses, rarely two.)

2. It's an important part of Clarkson's history and shows the value early settlers put on education.


There are still several people who went to this school from the 1920s to the mid 1950s who have fond memories of their elementary school days there. (And some of them are currently being interviewed by SUNY-Brockport anthropology students.) Many town residents and those in the Clarkson Historical Society think it is an architectural gem that fits in very well with the historic architecture that Clarkson is noted for, and as such they wanted to preserve this beautiful building.

Clarkson Schoolhouse memorialized in
artist rendering

Two artists, Helen Smagorinsky and Franz Schwenk, have become part of the effort with their renditions of the schoolhouse. Paintings by both artists have been reproduced into prints which will be on sale throughout the town in various locations. The prints are 16 x 20 and are suitable for hanging. Smagorinsky's print is also available in a smaller oil painting on canvas that has been stretched, sprayed and is ready for framing. Both prints are titled: Historic Clarkson Schoolhouse - 1853 to 1956. Educating Clarkson's Children. The prints are $20 and the canvas paintings are $50 each.


Members of the Clarkson Schoolhouse renovation committee display prints of the schoolhouse which are now available for purchase. (l-r) Carole Palmer, Don Lage, and Clarkson Historical Society President Mary Edwards. (photo by Robbi Hess)

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